What services does Acorn Accounting provide?
⦁ As an advisory practice, Acorn provides part time accounting, finance, and human resource services to companies in lieu of a full-time CFO or Controller.

When are these services performed?
⦁ Services are performed on an hourly basis, typically one to two days per week.

Why would our company contract with Acorn?
⦁ This service is ideal for companies that cannot afford to hire a full-time CFO or Controller.

What if our company already has a CPA firm?

⦁ There are numerous financial and HR tasks needed that your CPA firm might not have available time to address. Acorn’s services connect the company with their CPA firm. Required information can be completed and sent to the CPA firm, thus creating efficiencies.

What other types of services are available?
⦁ Acorn provides various Human Resource services, to include payroll and payroll tax filing, hiring, interviewing, union negotiations, employee handbooks, job descriptions, evaluations as well as 401k compliance testing.
⦁ Acorn provides management services to assist the Owner/ President with time-consuming projects and difficult decisions. This allows the Owner/President time to focus on core business issues as well as new and existing customers.

What are the benefits to contracting with Acorn?
⦁ This relationship is on a contract basis, thus saving the company payroll taxes, employee benefits, expenses and bonuses that would be made available to a full time CFO/Controller.
⦁ A seasoned accounting and HR professional to address the company’s needs on a part time basis, eliminating the investment in a full time position.

With what business software does Acorn have experience?
⦁ NetSuite by Oracle
⦁ Intuit QuickBooks Online
⦁ Intuit QuickBooks Desktop
⦁ Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree)
⦁ Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90)
⦁ Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains)
⦁ Thomson Reuters Ultra Tax
⦁ CCH Pro System Tax
⦁ Microsoft Office