“Acorn Accounting was a lifesaver when our company was going through a tough period of

transition. Dave Camacci acted as an interim CFO while we searched for a permanent

replacement. His professionalism, knowledge and skills were immediately put to the test.

Acorn Accounting prepared end of month, general ledger, and financial reporting services as

well as helped us close our year without missing a beat. The smooth transition of leadership

could not have been possible without Dave’s expertise and the flexibility and professionalism

of Acorn Accounting services. We would use them again in a heartbeat”.

President, Fabricating Corporation


“Acorn Accounting provides a valuable service to our business. Dave Camacci has extensive

experience in both accounting and HR and has become a welcomed addition to our team”.

CPA & President, CPA Firm


“I’ve had the privilege to get to know and work with Dave over the past 10 years. He was my

customer who was implementing a new ERP System, then he became a friend and trusted

colleague. Dave’s accounting knowledge and expertise was of great assistance during this successful

implementation. His attention to detail and insistence on excellence made the project a

pleasure to work on.

I later referred Dave to one of my customers who was challenged with high turnover and, as a

result, had difficulties maintaining sound accounting procedures. Additionally, this customer

didn’t have a high-level accounting person on staff. The lack of procedures and experienced

personnel created a situation that left my customer’s financial statements in disarray, and in-

turn, made their lending institution a little nervous. Dave was able to come in and make quick

work of stabilizing personnel, creating more streamlined accounting procedures and preparing

the cleanest financial statements that the lending institution had ever received from this

customer. I highly recommend Dave to anyone seeking high-level financial or accounting expertise. His

integrity and expertise is top notch.”

President & CEO, Business Software Provider


“Acorn Accounting – Dave — was a sensational resource for our company.  He stepped in to assist our finance

department during a period of management transition.  He was very knowledgeable, provided actionable

deliverables and worked with the highest level of honesty and integrity. I highly recommend Acorn Accounting

to anyone needing accounting and/or human resource assistance.”

CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Steel Manufacturer


“I’ve known Dave for many years. He’s an excellent accountant, manager and business


Vice President- Business Development, Benefit Service Provider